826LA Prepping to Meet Your Time Travel Needs

I’ve always been jealous of the super cool, super fun storefronts that the nonprofit organization 826 has opened in other cities as a way to raise funds, inspire creativity, and advertise programs to the local community. It doesn’t get much higher on the awesome meter than superhero supply shops, pirate stores and space travel boutiques. 826 does operate here, but they’re sadly lacking in shoppy goodness. Until now, that is. Turns out, they’re opening the Echo Park Time Travel Mart at some point soon, and one of my favorite designers, Stefan G. Bucher, is their designer. Guess I no longer have to be jealous of those other cities, but rather of Stefan for getting to design what I’m sure will be tons of cool, fun stuff.

One thought on “826LA Prepping to Meet Your Time Travel Needs”

  1. Could I possibly be the first to chime in with, “Not a moment too soon?”

    (Or have I just already been using the store?)

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