Yumburger? Not quite. I try Jollibee and live to tell you about it.

jolligross.jpgI finally did it. I went to Jollibee. Sure, sure, going to some only relatively new-ish fast food place that’s been covered before isn’t exactly daring, but it took me a minute to enter the Philipines’ greatest fast food success.

While I’d heard the Jollibee offered some odd things, I stuck to the relatively normal and standard yumburger and fries. Of course, I also grabbed a jolly hot dog because it was cheap and I figured it wouldn’t hurt to have some backup just in case the yumburger didn’t turn out to be so yummy. Wow, was that the best idea ever. I got back to the office with yumburger in hand and before long the hallways were echoing with people yelling “Ew! This is gross” before looking to their closet coworker and saying “Hey, try this.” The rubbery patty and indescribably weird taste it left me with were almost enough to ruin lunch. The yumburger was bad news, but then we jumped into the jolly hot dog. The jolly hot dog was awesome! It had some sort of tangy semi-cheese sauce on it, with some ketchup and cheese and it was great. It really salvaged the whole experience for me.

Ultimately, I’d go back in a second for that jolly hot dog, it was some good fun but that yumburger needs to be renamed the grossburger. Has anyone else braved the Jollibee? Tell me what you think.

11 thoughts on “Yumburger? Not quite. I try Jollibee and live to tell you about it.”

  1. I’ve been wanting to eat there forever. Everytime Spencer and I go it’s too late and they are closed. I want to try the spaghetti with franks and sauce thingy.

  2. Micahel#1…you’ll regret it, but if you must and want to save a bit, FranoAmerican Spaghettio’s with Franks is a close proximity.
    Benjamin I agree the burger is gross, but the wienie was even more vile. Even the 10 year old who conned me into stopping there because of the “cute bug” tossed it all and we hit the nearest MickeyD instead.
    Shoulda known better…

  3. even though I’m Filipino, I rarely have any desire to go into Jollibee. Heck, I grew up with Burger King and McDonald’s and those are everywhere so its so much more convenient. I think, though, the one time I did go, I had the fried chicken. It was not bad.

  4. Jollybee is really not known for its burgers(or hotdogs for that matter), but for their fried chicken, which is pretty delicious. I definitely recommend their finger lickin’ chicken.

  5. 666 you get the blather without the spell check as the comment section doesn’t have that option and with fat fingers and plain old laziness, learn to love it, most do!

  6. If only someone could serve a hamburger like they make At Cedars Sinai Medical center when you are in the hospital…

    Now that would be great….

  7. I am a pretty daring eater and even *I* was grossed out when I had Jollibee a few months ago.

    The saving grace was their mango/peach pie thingy. Deep fried sweets? Niiiiiiiice!

  8. I’m a Filipino expat and don’t like Jollibee, either. Their products are designed to appeal to native Filipinos who generally have a sweet tooth, and that formula didn’t change when they came to the U.S.

    The Yumburger was certainly the worst first thing to try. The Aloha burger would’ve been a better choice. The chicken, although nothing special, isn’t that bad. Other than that, there’s really nothing else I could recommend.

  9. If you’re about to try the Jollibee at Eagle Rock Plaza, head across the walkway to Chow King instead. You might be happy you did.

  10. Yes, I’ve had the Aloha burger, much better than the regular burger. But that’s not saying that much. Haven’t tried the hot dog yet, and probably wont be any time soon. I get my maximum monthly hot dog intake at Dodger Stadium.

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