The Cinematic Geography of Los Angeles

“A whirlwind tour around the various locations around the city of Los Angeles and photographs of how they appear today compared with how they appeared on the cinema scenes. ”

This super cool short was created by Blair Erickson and totally rules for any film lover living in Los Angeles. How many of these spots do you see on a daily basis? [Thanks Tom!]

8 thoughts on “The Cinematic Geography of Los Angeles”

  1. Wow! Nice reminder of why I love LA and won’t go away willingly. Even stuff in my ‘hood and theSGV made the video. Great use of the google maps zooming about and even the cheezy disneyish sound track works. Thanks for taking the time to find and share.

  2. Good thing they didn’t include car commercials. They would’ve spent most of the footage at The Old Bank District (4th and Main) and Bunker Hill (Grand Ave)

  3. This is such a nice spattering of locations, but remember the TMZ (thirty mile zone) – so much for so long was filmed in LA that you could have hours of clips of the length seen here. So many of those locations were filmed for multiple movies. It’s a nice start, but it could be so much more.

    If this interests you, you may also want to check out Los Angeles Plays Itself.

  4. They almost got south of the 10 a few times! Of course, as pointed out, you could make a full-length feature of clips of LA shooting locations. I would’ve loved to have seen a few Pedro nods, however, since so much is filmed there as well (and it’s still City of LA).

  5. Nifty, but Los Angeles Plays Itself is really the movie you should see if you’re interested in how films show Los Angeles and why it’s more than just trivia.

    Like Norman Klein wrote, Los Angeles is “the most photographed and least remembered city in the world.”

  6. Does anyone know what that music was? I tried looking on the original website but there is not much info there. I assume it is a soundtrack…


  7. Kudos to Blair….that was truly excellent.

    It would be great to have this on next years Oscar’s telecast.

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