Tar Pit Bubbles = Bacteria Farts

Ever wondered what makes the Tar Pits bubble? Well you aren’t the only one, turns out some science guys were also wondering about and used their science to figure out what the heck is going on there. Turns out it’s a bunch of previously unknown strains of bacteria that live in the briar patch tar pits and fart a bunch from all the petroleum they eat. Upon hearing this chief curator at the Page Museum John Harris said “I was totally surprised, but totally delighted.” Yeah for farts! [Thanks Xeni!]

2 thoughts on “Tar Pit Bubbles = Bacteria Farts”

  1. Quick…find a way to capture it and burn it in a fuel cell. Double boner here….no Hydrocarbons released in the wild to add to our smog AND one step closer to energy independance!

  2. … reminds me of elementary school math class. I always wondered what was up with that stinky kid who sat in the back and offered up “silent but deadlies” all period.


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