Kid Lamp


I didn’t make it out to table at the yard sale yesterday, mostly because I didn’t think my collection of mole jars re-purposed as drinking glasses would fetch enough to make it worthwhile. And I figured the market for old tortillas de maiz that have started to curl at the edges was going to be a small one, that trend has yet to catch on outside of the select circle of chilaquile makers in the know. I was on my way there anyways, just to see what new things I could add to my collection of value items I-hope-to-someday-put-into-use, when I realized my EBT card was all tapped out: I ain’t going to be able to buy nothing! Heading back home, I spotted this other yard sale, where they must have been really desperate for cash: they were trying to pass this kid off as a floor lamp! I can understand trying to cope with the burden of poverty but I do not condone the selling of kids as furniture, that’s just not right. Wood, plastic, and metal are much more durable.

3 thoughts on “Kid Lamp”

  1. Thank gawd for google, I had no idea what an EBT card was, humor there infering you could use it at a yard sale for non-food items?

  2. no kidding! and you don’t have to send other forms of lamps to college.
    he must have been the life of the party though.

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