Tree-Huggers Unite, Rock Out, Stare at Blinky Things

Sooooo this weekend I will not be at the bLA yard sale. (I know, I know–sorry, everyone. I will be contributing some items, so don’t despair!)

LIB%20courtesy%20mmmsugar66.jpgInstead, I will be here.

Lightning In A Bottle bills itself as a “three-day green music festival,” and it’s actually doing a stand-up job of sticking to the “green” thing–running all their festival power off bio-d and solar, buying clean air credits renewable energy certificates to offset travel by the bands and performers, having filling stations for water instead of bottles for sale, etc.

But they also have some simply smashing musical acts, including but not limited to [full disclosure] my friends in The Mutaytor, who are best described as a totally awesome mindf**k with an amazing sonic assault (myspace) and hot dudes and chicks doing all sorts of amazing feats, many of them not on the ground.

Also performing are the Stilt Circus, Kid Beyond, Vau de Vire Society, Gooferman, Lucent Dossier Vaudeville Circque, Helios Jive, the Glitch Mob kids, Bassnectar, and a total of about 40 acts. Yikes.

More info after the jump. It’s possible to buy day passes and some of the performance troupes play both days, so you can pick a day if spending the whole weekend in an oak forest outside of Santa Barbara sounds insufferable to you.

I’ll be there–look for the short redhead in the stupidly tall platforms.

The whole shindig is put together by the super-hot people of Do LaB, who made those shade pods for Coachella this year (and tons of other things in and around SoCal & that one dry lakebed in Nevada, for several years running). They do good stuff.

Here’s a performance schedule.

It’s also family friendly (but you may wanna cover little Petey’s eyes if I’m in my full costumed glory). And the Ice Cream Man is gonna be there! I love that guy! I wrote a whole freekin’ story about him! But I can’t link to it! Cuz the LA Alternative website is down!

I’ll get on that.

Aaaannyhoo, they’re gonna have yoga, permaculture, taichi, art, bellydancing, composting and gobs more workshops. I’ll be spending my time at those when I’m not rocking out on the dance floor.

Pics from years past available on flickr–many thanks to this gal for the pic on this post.

Oh–and of paramount importance: they will have Hot. Water. and. Showers. And. Bathrooms.

Thank the Lard for that one. The older I get, the less camping without a goddamn bathroom appeals to me in any way, shape or form.

expect a report-back & photos when I get back, kiddies!

8 thoughts on “Tree-Huggers Unite, Rock Out, Stare at Blinky Things”

  1. Nice idea but I really detest the whole CO2 and “clean air” credits. Its a farce that only transfers the blame around doing nothing to improve our air quality. The sooner industry is forced to meet the standard as individuals the better off we will all be. Christ, there has been 25-30 of air standards in place and some people keep finding ways to continue business as usual to the deteriment of us all.
    Yes I completely get that its going to cost us a ton in passed down costs while they clean up, potentially even move overseas if they can’t clean up but at some point we all have to call uncle and just do it.
    My rant. Sorry.
    Now I’ll run out with my bag of cow shit and organically fertilize my garden.

  2. Uh, how does one “buy clean air credits”? Is that like frequent flyer miles, or sumthin?
    Like Frazgo, I’m sorry too. For all you green freaks.

  3. Sorry, I was mistaken. They’re renewable energy certificates, and a wikipedia link is above.

    They’re not as fab as if, say, LIB bought biodiesel or a fleet of bikes for everyone who otherwise would be arriving by gas-powered vehicle, but they are still pretty cool.

  4. Yeah the DoLab events are always fun. Wish I was going, but 2 straight weekends of festivals (Coachella then StageCoach)have got me yearning for some quality home time. Mutaytor will be interesting…considering they are still performing under that name, even after the whole scandal with the creator who was caught on one of those sexual predator shows. Have fun and take pictures :)

  5. Michelle,

    Yeah, that event rocked the whole community, and the individual in question pulled out of the group. There’s about twenty other people in the collective who refuse to let what they’ve worked for so hard, for so many years, crumble because of that. So they’ve chosen to keep on trucking. Props.

  6. “renewable energy certificates” thats a big difference, thanks for clarifying. They get their green sticker and brownie points back today.

  7. AH-HA, now I know where the “Burning Man hippie van loaded with props” and my “dickhead neighbor” were off too.

  8. lmao michael#1….bet there will be a few normal people and looky-loos there too.

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