Thrift And Vintage Culture Weekend

USofCP%20Card_01.jpgI’m happy because tonight is The United States of Charles Phoenix! This will be my third Charles Phoenix slideshow viewing, and the second at the Ford Ampitheater, which is a truly special, beautiful venue. “Thrift store histo-tainment” is the best way to describe it. I think a few tickets are still on sale at the Ford Ampitheater. I’ll be packing a picnic after work to share with my friends before the show.

But for even MORE vintage fun, you can come out tomorrow for the garage sale in Silverlake. We will not have carousels of old vacation slides, but we WILL have lots of other things. Like, I have a box of books to sell. And we have an extra VCR. And I have to keep my closet to a minimum now, so I have a lot of clothes. But my fiance and I just moved in together in January, so we got rid of most of the good stuff in several runs to Goodwill. My fellow bloggers, however, will have lots of vintage and modern finds – video game systems, bric-a-brac, more clothes, and lots of tchotchkes. I’ll even have baked goods to sell if I can get our vintage 1950s oven to work. Come on out and see what we’ve got. Details are, of course, on the Craigslist post.

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  1. Kodachromes and kitsch, does life get any better than this? thx for the link and tidbit re the weekely newsletter. Gave me ideas for some new areas to meander down a bit…

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