Micki Got A Gun

mickishoots.jpgA few weeks ago at our monthly trip to the LA Gun Club a friend mentioned he’d run into a local blogger at a coffee who wanted to come along so he’d invited her. Turns out it was famed, superstar vlogger Mickipedia who I knew from the online but had never met in person. As you’d expect she had a full camera crew and production team with her (ok, just some friends really) and filmed the whole thing. She just posted an episode about the trip and shooting and guns and all that. You should definitely go watch it now, especially if you are at work and someone is paying you to do something else.

4 thoughts on “Micki Got A Gun”

  1. Great video, great link. Does the NRA proud to show that guns are just a tool and nothing to fear if you take the time to use them!

  2. I live in Venice and I’d love to go on a gun club trip with you guys. None of my damn hippie friends are up for it. Argh!

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