Two Star Wars Days In One Month!

City of Los Angeles officially recognized May 25th as Star Wars Day

Earlier this month I posted that May 4th is widely known as Star Wars Day… May the 4th Be With You being the pun. But little did I know that on May 1st, Jan Perry, Councilwoman for the Ninth District of the Jedi Council, signed a proclamation reading:

…the Los Angeles City Council declares May 25th as Star Wars day and also recognizes George Lucas’ 1977 film Star Wars for its tremendous impact on the citizenry of Los Angeles, the film industry, and the world, and for continuing to inspire after thirty years millions of people to explore movies, fantasy, literature, and science as means of achieving their goals and dreams.

Robert at Celsius1414 was likely part of the Uggnaught underground that orchestrated this declaration, as evidenced in part by some glaring omissions from his Star Wars day lineup of films. He’s running the trilogies back to back, but leaves out The Star Wars Holiday Special, The Ewok Adventure, and The Battle for Endor.

…the Tusken Raiders at Curbed LA broke the news first…

4 thoughts on “Two Star Wars Days In One Month!”

  1. Thank you David! I got the pun the first time around and only wish the city had the same sense of humor and actually used that date!

  2. Once you’ve seen the Holiday Special, as I did when it was originally on TV in the 70s, you’ve already seen it too many times. And get those damn kids off my lawn. Although, maybe a 30th Anniversary viewing next year would be cool.

    Now if only I could convince everyone that The Anchorhead Scene *was* shown in at least one theater in 1977. ;D

  3. No, the Holiday Special would still be painful to watch. But that doesn’t negate it from being required viewing!

    Is it possible that the Anchorhead Scene was shown during a test screening?

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