It’s hard out here for a Pinkberry


On my jog this morning I discovered a new Pinkberry franchise being built at the corner of Abbott Kinney and California in Venice. I’ve given their yogurt a try. It was good enough I guess. Thousands of parking tickets can’t be wrong. But is it truly frozen yogurt? One “health conscious guy” who swears he has “no affiliiation to any Pinkberry competitor” doesn’t think so, and is suing…to force Pinkberry to disclose their recipe. Read more here. Sounds like a sneaky way to steal company secrets. Either way, it’s pretty lame. It’s as lame as the redundant “TCBY Yogurt” signage they had up for awhile. Sucks to be Pinkberry right now. This frivolous lawsuit might explain why your Pinkberry tastes extra tart these days.

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4 thoughts on “It’s hard out here for a Pinkberry”

  1. Sounds more like an attorney and an idiot with time and money on their hands.
    “Frozen desert” sounds an awful like “cheese food”. Velveeta has its place. Sounds like Pinkberry may have to go the same route if they can not meet the state standards for frozen yogurt. Then again how much regulation do we really need?
    But much ado about nothing. Anything in moderation can’t be that bad.

  2. The Abbot Kinney branch opened today. It was doing a pretty good business when I walked by an hour ago.

  3. With all the hype surrounding this junk it could be frozen dogshit and people would still buy it.

    I wonder if Larry David will sue the guy suing Pinkberry – that was the story line in an episode of Seinfeld probably 10 years ago.

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