5,700 Vintage Los Angeles Photos Now Online

5centparking.jpgThe photo at right was published in the Los Angeles Daily News on May 11, 1949 with the description:

Elias Mushro adjusting price signage at National Auto Park lot, 1621 N. Hudson Avenue in Hollywood, Calif., 1949

Parking in Hollywood 58 years ago was 5 cents a day. Or, save some money and get a monthly parking spot for $1.

Seriously, I don’t think the current rates can be attributed to the natural rate of inflation, which would put the parking rate at only 40 cents a day.

Fortunately, this vintage L.A. photo and about 5,700 others have been made available for free download through UCLA’s Department of Special Collections. And by free, I mean they’re all open for use to bloggers, students, and more through the magic of a Creative Commons license. That way you can save your money to spend on $10 a day parking. (link)

The database of photos, culled from the Daily News and L.A. Times, span from 1920 to 1990 and are searchable by keyword or subject.

Thanks to Kevin Roderick for letting us know of this treasure trove, and also for the warning to “set aside some time” if you’re tempted to look.

Instead of posting some of my favorites, I encourage you to take a look, and if you find some that you particular enjoy please leave the URL in the comments along with a reason why…

…photo credit: Regents of the University of California, UCLA Library, used under Creative Commons

10 thoughts on “5,700 Vintage Los Angeles Photos Now Online”

  1. Is it just me or is the following date on Persing Square dedication wrong?
    The photo dates circa 1984 but the pic shows the old Pershing Square(that I like better than todays) and if you look closely, the ugly purple bell tower is not there,the area they stacked the monuments and statues is not there. I wonder if this pic was taken at an earlier dedication in the 60’s? If so, I hope the developers that are re-doing the park for Park/5th project will bring Persing Square back to it’s inviting open space.

  2. I like this one:

    I like seeing how LAX has changed in 41 years. I’ve only lived here 20 and I didn’t know that the terminals were satellites with (I assume) underground tunnels to the planes. And now that I write that I guess I’ve been in a few underground tunnels at LAX…it’s all becomming clear.

    But I love the tons of cars parked only at ground level, the theme building looking fly (sorry) and the fabulous new cloverleaf for easy entry and exit to the airport.

    It must have been a nightmare of construction when they built the parking structures and created the double decker system we have now.

  3. Forgive me for apparently being an idiot, but is there an actual link for the start page?

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