Perfecting the Movie Going Experience

zdmovie.jpgBarry Wurst at has some ideas for making the ideal movie theatre which contains some unusual, but possibly useful, suggestions.

I don’t agree with all of them (such as blocking cel phones), but others should make theatre chains rub their chins and say hmmm, such as daycare services, lowering ticket prices while raising the cost of quality concession items, and “in-house pen light user ninjas” to effectively slaughter anyone who uses a laser pointer (and, I hope, people who text message as well).

One of my favorites, and the most practical, would be to use “has-been celebrity greeters”.

At the celebrated Arclight Theater in Los Angeles, they have greeters before every screening who stand in front of the screen, greet and thank the audience for choosing this theater, and tell them a little about the movie they’re about to see. Now, wouldn’t it be SO COOL if theaters had out of work, straight to DVD, C-list actors/celebrities to introduce movies? Just imagine the possibilities!!

…Instead of making these poor actors compromise their dignity and star in some awful movie that won’t even play in theaters, let’s put them where they belong – in the spotlight and in the movie theaters (just not on the big screen).

Considering Tobey Maguire is already doing this, I don’t think Steven Seagal would be much of a stretch. Heck, Gary Coleman already used to work at my local Blockbuster.

To counter the talking problem, Barry recommends having domed seats that keep out surrounding sound (but have internal speakers), or maybe even designated talking sections. ” Let’s have all the yammering morons sit in the very front rows, in marked sections they HAVE to sit in.”

Speaking of talking in movie theatres, the Atwater Village Newbie has actually compiled a list of the occasions when you are, in fact, allowed to chat with a friend during a movie (although he adds its only for people sitting directly behind him during sold-out screenings).

…photo by Fire Monkey Fish, used and modified under Creative Commons

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