Martini Republic down the drain the blog-LA-sphere seems a bit less cranky today, it’s probably because Martini Republic is now kaput.

Publisher/architect Laura Fisher split last year for undisclosed reasons. Lead curmudgeon Joseph “Scribes” Mailander left last week in something of a huff and started his own blog.

And political anonyblogger Alex deLarge has apparently removed himself to Martini Revolution along with a couple MR writers …

What’s really kind of pathetic is that all the content Martini Republic spent three years creating has now been hidden or destroyed, including the the last flurry of vitriol between Alex and Mailander.

Say what you will about their insights on politics and booze, their raw hard-left diatribes and overly-frequent bouts of reckless and vicious character assassination, they were original and said whatever the fuck they wanted to. The blogosphere’s a tad more boring without ’em.

Here’s the headstone, from Laura:

May 4, 2004 – May 5, 2007

Martini Republic was founded by Laura, Joseph and Alex.

Like many other republics, it no longer functions and now no longer exists.

I was first to move on and I now blog at a later date.

Joseph was next to go. He currently blogs at Mainbrace, where he maintains some of his old MR columns. Look for the debut of a new blog from Joseph and some friends on July 1, 2007.

Alex was last to leave. He now blogs at Martini Revolution. T S, Donna and Lance are there, too.

Don’t worry about the demise of Martini Republic. It was great fun while it lasted, almost ’til the very last day.

Thank you for your loyalty, readership and support.

On behalf of Martini Republic, yours truly,

Laura Fisher

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5 thoughts on “Martini Republic down the drain”

  1. sad day for us all when any voice drops silent and the thought numbing silence fills its void.

  2. “Say what you will . . . .they were original and said whatever the fuck they wanted to.

    You don’t know how ironic that statement is, Mack.

    We’re still saying whatever the fuck we want at Martini Revolution. From our “About” page:

    So here we are, talking about politics, life, hair, sports, music, movies and pretty much anything we fuckingwellfeelike, without regrets.

  3. For what it’s worth (apparently nuthin’) I was the first founding member to leave. I am also the originator of the name ‘Martini Republic”, having coined the term in 2002 – two years before the blog launched. As “Straightnochaser” I was the principal writer at the liquorblog where I wrote the bulk of the liquor and ale reviews during my time there. Not once did I submit a political post.

    As the blog became increasingly hateful I withdrew until I finally told Joseph, Laura, and Jamie (nee’ Alex), that I had copyrighted the term and logo and would leave them with the name but not use of the original artwork. Their political agenda had made the blog practically unreadable except as unintended humor and Joseph’s attitude towards anyone not onboard with his pathological hatred of the Bush Administration was given a regular dose of venom.

    Had Martini Republic stuck to it’s original mission statement it would not only still be around but would probably be generating some revenue, as the thing would have practically marketed itself.
    Sadly, my experience with Joseph Mailander has lead me to believe that he is King Midas in reverse – everything he touches turns to shit.

    William Stephenson
    AKA StraightnoChaser
    Liquor and Ale Reviewer @ Martini Republic 2004-05

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