If Plants could Talk

SLOP-Plant.jpgMachine Project is hosting an utterly fascinating event this weekend called PsychoBotany.

Visitors will be able to participate in the classic science experiment where two identical tomato plants live or die based on our positive or negative thoughts. Presented by the Center for Tactical Magic, this telepathic struggle will be accompanied by a performance lecture exploring plants’ roles as purveyors of knowledge, from Moses’ consultation with a burning bush to the Pentagon’s recent development of “sentinel plants”.

Kate Hartman, Kati London, Rebecca Bray, Rob Faludi will present “Botanicalls”, a system that allows plants to place phone calls to people when they need help. Each plant has a different voice, and will call when in need water or light. They also make calls to thank you for watering them.

I am utterly fascinated. The opening is Saturday, but the plants are on display through next week.

3 thoughts on “If Plants could Talk”

  1. This is so cool. I’m going. I did a paper on “The Secret Life of Plants” ages ago in college…..Thanks for publicizing it

  2. we’re going to be screening the secret life of plants movie later this month as well. We have lots of photos and info from the secret life of plants people.

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