Griffith Park Fire, during and after photos from Atwater Village

Atwater Village had front row seats for the big fire last night. Here’s a few photos, the first of the fire between 9 and 9:30PM, the second two, behind the jump, one another night shot, one from this morning so you can see what the hill looks like after the fire. There’s a bit of smoke still coming from the bottom of the hill but it looks like it’s done from here. Click any of them to see a bigger version.


I missed a bit of the spectacle because I went to see Spider-Man 3. Oh. my. god. So not worth it.

This was shot at about 7:30 this morning from Atwater Village, near Los Feliz Blvd

This was shot using a shutter exposure far longer than any mortal man can stand still for.

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  1. If something can burn, it will. True wisdom requires being prepared for the inevitable however remote the possibility when loss of food, shelter or security is concerned.


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