Fire photos from Hollywood Rooftops


My friend B McCain took some amazing shots from Hollywood last night. Turns out the top level of the Arclight parking garage near Sunset & Vine offered a prime view of the hills and the fire that was consuming them. The above shot was taken around 8:14PM or so. Here’s several more photos he took while up there.

3 thoughts on “Fire photos from Hollywood Rooftops”

  1. Damn him! I was right next to him with my crappy digital camera. He probably scoffed at me with his fancy tripod and zoom lens…

  2. Actually, I didn’t have a tripod. Most of my shots are 2-6 second exposures with the built-in lens on my Canon Digital Rebel (I was in a hurry to get out of the house to get up there and didn’t remember to grab my tripod and lens bag), with the camera resting on a flat surface or my camera bag, using the timer so my hands weren’t touching it at all while it was shooting.

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