Expect Unusual Visitors

I just got this email:

The city of Los Angeles Department of Animal Services warned this morning that the blaze would have a “a major impact on wildlife in the area.”

“It is important for L.A. City residents to understand that many wild animals will be displaced by the fire and may turn up in areas … where wildlife has never been seen before,” a department statement said. “These animals will be looking for water and may be seen drinking from garden ponds, pools and other water reservoirs.”

Displaced animals that are uninjured and do not appear to have been orphaned should be left alone, but all injured, sick and orphaned animals should be reported to L.A. Animal Services at (888) 452-7381, the statement said.

2 thoughts on “Expect Unusual Visitors”

  1. Seen it many times before.
    Rabbits and Mice are the first you will see in droves. Skunks aren’t too far behind those rodents.
    The predators follow there after. Coyotes mostly though you will see some big cats.
    Deer are possible.
    The bigger concern is all the rattlers that will be following the rats, mice and even rabbits. Their prime food and hunting ground means they will after what they can find in the unburnt areas.
    Mind your dogs. Mind your children.
    And for gawds sake watch where you stick your hands while doing yard work as those critters don’t always rattle to warn you!

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