Question of the Week: Which Local TV News Do You Prefer?

Picture%2029.pngMaybe its because I’m a sucker for police chases, I’ve always been a big fan of KCAL 9. In addition to being on top of car pursuits, they also seem to be good with covering any other local news. They also get brownie points since two of their staffers are active bloggers (web producer Darleene Powells writes news commentary, and cameraman Bryan Frank writes about life behind the scenes). And it doesn’t hurt that their evening news cast begins at 10pm, so I can save my 11pm hour for the Daily Show.

There’s also KNBC 4, which has the legendary Joel Grover whose investigative reports into corruption at the DMV, Jiffy Lube rip-offs, and vagrant health code violations at downtown markets, often cause actual goverment or corporate action to correct problems. NBC 4 also has News Raw, available online and on HD, frequently featuring local bloggers and raw feeds of press conferences and other breaking news, including today’s fire.

But as more and more Angelenos turn to the web for their news fix, I’m curious if anyone still regularly turns into one newscast over another, and why? Is it just a matter of what channel is already on, a preference for a weatherman, or maybe because one has the best sports coverage?

Which local TV news broadcast do you prefer?

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  1. Surprising myself, I actually kind of like Fox 11. I used to watch KCAL, but I got really insulted by their “news” that they would have after Laker games a few years back–bikinis, explosions. It was almost a self-parody.

  2. Good question! I generally watch NBC4 during the week, but ABC7 on the weekend.

    But in the mornings, I switch back and forth between Today on NBC and the KTLA morning news on 5 — it’s a nice break from the intensity of Today on bad news days.

    Mid-day it’s MSNBC and online.

  3. I spend most my time on channel 7 in the afternoons, 4 in the evenings, and 4 again in the AM. What it really comes down to is the fact that I can’t stop laughing every time Michelle Tuzee says her last name. Doesn’t she know Tuzee is slang for poo?

  4. I don’t generally watch TV news, but if there’s a fire or a car chase, I’ll turn on KCAL9 because they seem to have news on almost all the time.

  5. None. None. None. None.

    I haven’t watched local news for years, unless I’m at a friend’s house, and even then I cannot contain the verbal abuse I hurl at the TV set. Usually I just apologize and withdraw to a quiet corner to cover my ears and hum to myself.

    Once upon a time we had brilliant local TV news. The last vestige of that left when KTLA decided give up the good fight and go Hollywood. Since then it’s been all radio, papers, and the ‘net.

    Local TV news may be the saddest thing about L.A.

  6. You can still get real news on some of the Spanish language stations (Univision has turned into a copy of the English speaking stations) but I don’t have any favorites, whatever is on will do. But I do know this:

  7. Used to be NBC4, for no reason other than it was. But more recently it’s been ABC7 partly because they were in HD and partly because I started working for Disney.

  8. I find Jackie Johnson extremely amusing. Mia Lee is super scary.
    Of all the newscasters, Marc Brown on ABC 7 is my fav. He seems so good natured.

  9. No doubt about it….KCAL9 is my favorite. Honest, straightforward reporting without the usual bias and endless talking heads you get with the other networks.

    I also like that they run a newscast pretty much all day between 12noon and 5pm, with a only two short breaks for the People’s Court and Inside Edition.

    But as you mentioned, they’re always willing to break-in with a car pursuit.

  10. They’re all moronic and lame, without exception. It’s just a matter of degrees.

  11. We never watch local news unless there is a car chase, fire or weather in LA. And if there are any of the above, we will switch around because it doesn’t take long for the questions or commentary to get really bad. I understand they have to fill, but wow.

    In April I posted about local news here.

    Honestly, when anything is happening around LA, I’ll come to Metroblogging LA FIRST!

  12. Hal Fishman really annoys me. KTLA cut in to Gilmore Girls Tuesday night to cover the fire.

    We get it, Hal: you’re a pilot. We’re all VERRRRY impressed. Now please stop telling us what kind of helicopters are making the water drops, and how many knots the wind seems to be blowing.

  13. Kcal is the best for Local news and show great sports coverage.

    Not to mention they also have eye candy in Mia Lee & Jackie Johnson to make us forget the news and weather.

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