More photos of the Griffith Park Fire

In the comments on Mack’s first post about the new Griffith Park Fire swingsha posted this pic of the fire with a view from Burbank:


Mike also shot a few from the Getty Center. More coming soon, as we get it.

Also – Unconfirmed reports flying around at the moment are that an arson suspect has already been arrested and that he’s “badly burned.”

4 Replies to “More photos of the Griffith Park Fire”

  1. Alrighty then….need to read and scroll faster. I tagged my 2 on flikr with the info. In the matter of a couple of hours that fire sure grew. My most recent is from my street some 15 miles away!

  2. It’s burning around 1/8th of a mile from me. That’s my regular bike ride, up and over where it’s burning most. Been very dry lately and over-grown, that’s for sure. Amazing how it’s jumped the fire roads and trails that are designed as brakes.

    posting photos shortly.

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