Mayor on KTLA

Mayor Villaraigosa is on the phone with the folks live at KTLA right now and just said the fire is now at 300 acres, no homes have been destroyed yet, but some structures have been damaged. LAFD is on it and doing everything they can and he urged people to cooperate with the LAPD and LAPD and any requests they might have. KTLA folks are noting that it’s grown in the last hour.

1300 homes with out power, Silver Lake reservoir is the main source of water for fire fighting efforts at this point. It’s going to be a long night – everyone keeps saying that. The Mayor is at Marshal High right now, only about 30 evacuees there right now. Says about 300 people have been evacuated so far but most went to hotels or friends places rather than shelter.

8 thoughts on “Mayor on KTLA”

  1. I love that the last time I saw Hal Fishman reporting, it was about the Sandman destroying New York City and how it could have been the end of Spider-Man.

  2. Goddamn Hal Fishman is retarded. Kept on asking “were there any residents who didn’t want to leave or that were resisting?”. Asking that question over and over even after the reporter just asked the cop. Just trying to eek out a “news” story. F him. Hope all the homes are safe.

  3. I’m gonna grab my camera and see how close I can get. My place is just a few blocks away from the blaze.

  4. We are 8 houses from the park on Vermont & were mandatory evacuated at 8 PM .

  5. BoingBoing isn’t reporting houses have been looted, they posted an e-mail sent in from someone who said they heard looting was going one. That’s a far cry from anything confirmed.

  6. Even worse, Hal Fishman said “We’re not in a severe drought, we’re in an EXTREME drought.”

    I spoke with the DWP a couple weeks ago who said it would take a couple years of minimal rainfall for the city of L.A. to be in a technical drought.

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