Huge flames above Los Feliz

I shot this from Moreno Heights about an hour ago: this clip shows massive flames flaring up on the brush-choked ridges of Griffith Park just northwest of the corner of Los Feliz Boulevard and Riverside Drive.

Flame heights looked to be 60 to 100 feet at times, and sprawled across half the ridge. Fire crews beat back the fire, which looks a lot less severe now as I post this.

2 thoughts on “Huge flames above Los Feliz”

  1. From my rooftop view the flames looked like they were right behind the Observatory. At one point we were sure it was on fire. It was stunning and scary and gorgeous and I wish I had a better camera. As the flames died down we realized that the lights surrounding the Observatory were probably emergency crews. God, but they’re doing a remarkable job.

  2. Yeah, I’ve been watching that arm of the fire with keen interest since our ridge is downwind from the ridge in this video.

    It looked really ugly from around 8 to 10 p.m., with high winds and updraft tornadoes swirling up out of the canyon, and houses silhouetted against the flames. But the fire crews have been really kicking it hard.

    As I write this, there’s no glow in the sky, the helicopter noise has died quite a bit, and the wind finally quit. Prayers for the fire crews overnight, folks.

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