Griffith Park fire from Sunset

Sean just posted this image and more at Flickr, taken from Sunset westbound out of downtown.

If you post fire photos at Flickr, too, please be sure to tag them MBgriffithparkfire0508. And if you have eyewitness reports on what’s going on on the ground, post them in comments here.

3 thoughts on “Griffith Park fire from Sunset”

  1. Smoky and raining ash here in Pasadena. With all the ash thought it was another fire, but is apparently the GPark one.

  2. Hey, that looks familiar, Old building on right
    I used to work there, on left is “Club Bahia”
    car wash is right up street on the corner.

  3. Does anyone know how far away from the zoo this fire is, and how it is affecting the zoo?

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