BREAKING: Fire growing, neighborhoods being evacuated

I’m talking to Xeni (who is expecting to lose power at any moment) and the LAPD is enforcing mandatory evacuations of the neighborhood surrounding 2600 Commonwealth (near dundee). The LA Times Breaking News blog seems to confirm this. She just told me that Los Feliz is being shut down now as well and people are all over the streets. I’m near Fletcher and Glendale and the air is so thick with smoke it smells like the fire is right next door, which I guess it kind of is. Caryn just called and at the top of the hill near Michaeltorena and Sunset the streets are full of people just staring and watching the fire. Xeni says she can hear bullhorns with LAPD telling people to get out now, sounds like about 4-5 blocks from her house. She just took some video and will be posting momentarily and has added updates and photos to this post on BoingBoing. Evacuating people to Marshal High – More shortly.

UPDATE 9:10PM: Word is the police are going door to door forcing evacuations, but also that wildlife (deer and coyotes noted) are fleeing the park and into the streets of Los Feliz. Getting hard to breath in parts of Los Feliz and Silver Lake, smoke and ash burning eyes and thoats.

UPDATE 9:17PM: LAFD spokesperson on KTLA just said only 20% contained, LA Times blog sayis no containment in sight. Jenny sends in this photo:


And Xeni sends in this cameraphone video. View of Griffith Park fire from Los Feliz Boulevard near Commonwealth, shot on camera phone at 755pm on May 8, 2007, by M.D.

KTLA seems to have best live local coverage right now on TV. Lots of pics from LA folks using the “mbgriffithparkfire0508” tag on flickr.

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  1. At the corner of Los Feliz and Lowry – looks like they’re evacuating people North of Los Feliz. South of the Blvd, we’ve still got power, and it looks like they’re not evacuating us yet. If I’m wrong, somebody tell me.

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