Blow-Out Garage Sale!

I love and hate garage sales. I love getting rid of stuff and despise going through all my stuff to sort out what I don’t want/need anymore. And I hate the idea of throwing stuff away and filling up a landfill, so I really like the idea of repurposing things. In that spirit, I’m rounding up stuff for the garage sale this Saturday. So far I have a hardly used gas dryer I want to get rid of cuz I got a new stackable number…. but the idea of hauling it to Silverlake is iffy (so if you want one, contact me and for the haulaway, it’s yours). I have lots of cool clothes that were wardrobe from shoots, a computer keyboard, my boyfriends scary lime green jeans that will just disapear from the closet, a cool wooden lamp, some old table linens, and god knows what else is gonna turn up from my personal garage clean-out. I’m just one of maybe ten people contributing, so there should be a good haul! See ya there!