UCLA: What to Do When There’s a Shooter on Campus

This is really interesting, via Bruce Schneier, a UCLA memo with advice about what to do if there is a shooter on campus. Most of it is what you’d expect, hide, wait for authorities, lock yourself someplace safe, etc – but what I thought was most interesting, and really awesome in fact, was a part discussing if you are trapped in a room with the shooter and he/she begins shooting people. The memo says it’s entirely up to you but that at this point you can stay still and hope that you aren’t noticed or actively fight back – as at this point it’s no more dangerous than sitting there waiting to get shot. This kind of thinking needs to be applauded and used more often in other situations and state legislation as far as I’m concerned.

3 thoughts on “UCLA: What to Do When There’s a Shooter on Campus”

  1. Its a controversial approach to be sure, since for many its the same as blaming the victim, but I agree. In fact, I thought this was the general mindset after 9/11, when people were ready to stand up to a handful of terrorists in the case they were on a hijacked plane.

    But beyond concealed weapons laws, I think we’d all be safer if everyone would be willing to stand up to any aggressor, armed or not, without worrying first about their lives. If this were a widespread mindset, I think gang intimidation would be a thing of the past, and other crime would plummet as well.

  2. Exactly my point David. As a society we’re often taught to not resist and “be a good victim” which while it might prevent some harm on the short term, encourages more crime and violence on the long term. If more folks stood up for themselves I think it would be a very different situation.

  3. ah, so you guys get that mentality over there too? in karachi we’ve been having rising crime due to this very fact. Be a good victim..

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