Mark Cuban Wants Me To Scoop My Own Popcorn


Variety has the details on Mark Cuban’s nefarious plan to turn the Landmark Westside Pavilion Theatre into a super-awesome high-class alterna-cinema of the future. Which apparently means couches, beanbag chairs, and serving yourself from the brilliantly-named Wall Of Popcorn. It’s about time somebody took a blowtorch to the ridiculously outmoded movie theater business model.

I’d scoop my own popcorn from the Wall of Popcorn any day. Hopefully the tickets won’t be too much higher than Arclight’s. And will include the price of parking *cough*.

9 thoughts on “Mark Cuban Wants Me To Scoop My Own Popcorn”

  1. Scoop your own popcorn?

    Considering the lack of cleanliness of some moviegoers I’ve seen, I think this could be a bad plan.

  2. People who don’t drive shouldn’t have to pay for your parking. Neither should the five people in one car pay for the parking of the individual who drove. Of course, it’s up to the business owner to gauge the customers wants and act accordingly. But as a bike rider, I’d rather not pay an extra $2 to subsidize oversize vehicle storage. Unless they’re gonna valet my bike.

  3. That was funny Josh. Whether the business has its own lot or “validates” at a neighboring garage its likely already rolled into the cost of running the business and reflected in the prices you pay already. The bigger the company and more outlets it has the more transparent the charge is to us but we all are already subsidizing the parking. You won’t find many businesses out there where that hasn’t already been factored in.

  4. I’d only self-scoop popcorn if it was damn fresh. pre-popped styrofoam pellets ruin many a moviegoing experience.

  5. I don’t ride my bike, except for fun, so I don’t want to subsidize your bike lane with my gas taxes. So get off my street.

    What Frazgo said.

  6. Aw man, I didn’t want to start a flame war.

    Frazgo: um, duh? I’m sure we’ve all read “the high cost of free parking”. That doesn’t mean I won’t go to a business with a parking lot. But when one person says “I want free parking” I’m gonna say “I don’t want your free parking, here’s why.” That said, I usually go to the Vista or one of those theaters in Pasadena (Laemmle’s I think). Neither of them validate or have parking garages.

    Lee: I would gladly pay the full price of gas for the mileage I travel and still ride my bike if it meant there were more bike lanes and respect for cyclists. I drove for years and still do on occasion. Anyway, if you’ve ever bought something you’ve paid gas tax.

  7. Dude… Go to and look up “humor.”

    Then go outside, take a deep breath and chill.

  8. (ignoring flame war)

    I’m just super pleased that I live mere blocks away from this new movie theater. Walking to the movies = Joy.

  9. DJG – I couldn’t agree more. Hopefully they’ll have a setup similar to the granola dispensers at Whole Foods.

    Isn’t parking at Westside Pavilion free?

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