Another Good Reason to Take Public Transportation: Free Wi-Fi


I grew up in the San Gabriel Valley. I’ve entertained the idea of moving back, but always nixed it quickly once I considered the commute to Westwood where I go to school and work. Who knows. That could change in the future, especially since public transportation from the SGV to downtown LA (I’d still have to take the MTA’s 2 line to Westwood) looks more attractive.

Foothill Transit — which serves the San Gabriel and Pomona Valleys — recently launched Silver Streak, a 60′ bus with three doors. The buses utilize the lines which travel along the 10 freeway from Montclair to Downtown Los Angeles. The buses may be nicer, but they’re also equipped with wi-fi. From Parvus’ press release:

Parvus Corporation today announced that Foothill Transit’s newly launched Silver Streak rapid transit service is now equipped with Parvus’ RiderNet‚Ñ¢ passenger Internet access solution. Running from Montclair to Los Angeles in Southern California, Silver Streak’s state-of-the-art 60′ articulated buses provide high-speed 802.11 Wi-Fi‚Ñ¢ service free of charge to customers while they travel to their destination.

Hmmm. If I could be online while commuting, my posts here would probably be less sporadic and I’d get back to people who emailed me much sooner. Oh yeah, and I’d probably do less recreational internet browsing while at work. Maybe a move back to the SGV might be a good idea.

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  1. It’s just too bad that the # 2 bus ride will take you about an hour from union station to UCLA…i HATED that commute…

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