Represent the LBC at Mann’s Chinese

freedomwriters_poster.jpgIf you missed the Freedom Writers movie in the theaters earlier this year, you have another shot via StoryMakers Studio. If you’re not familiar with the book/movie, it’s based on a true story of a young, optimistic teacher from Orange County who lands a job at gang-ridden Wilson High School in Long Beach. She turns her students lives around by encouraging them to write about their lives and their experiences in journals.

A screening of the movie will be held on Wednesday, May 9th at 7:30pm at Grauman’s Chinese Theatres Complex in Hollywood. So aside from a Q&A with the real Erin Gruwell, writer/director Richard LaGranevese, and various cast members, it’s rumored that a certain Hilary Swank may be there, as well. Also, the first 100 people to sign up will also get gift bags (I have no idea if the gift bags are sold out yet or not).

I was lucky enough to be invited to a special screening in Orange County several months before the movie was released; the screening was held at the actual movie theatre which was a turning point of the real Freedom Writers; one near Gruwell’s home in Newport Beach. This particular screening was for friends and family of Gruwell and the Freedom Writers themselves, so the Q&A after this screening was especially poignant.

With or without Swank, I think it’s worth it to hear Gruwell speak; she’s a delight, as are the Freedom Writers themselves (one or two could very well be there with Gruwell).

Freedom Writers on May 9th at the Grauman’s Chinese Theatres Complex in Hollywood featuring a live conversation with Richard LaGranevese, the film’s writer/director, and Erin Gruwell herself, the real life inspiration for “Freedom Writers” (played in the movie by two time Oscar winning actress Hilary Swank). Additional guests will include: casting director Margery Simkin, cast members Deance Wyatt, Hunter Parrish and veteran character actress Pat Carroll. Tickets ar $15 and can be purchased at:

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NOTE: As noted in the comments, I can’t write. I have fixed the offensive errors above via bold. So I tend to leave words out when I have only slept for 2 hours the previous night. I never knew leaving out 2 words in a big long post meant that I couldn’t write. You learn something new everyday.

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  1. Um, maybe you can take a writing course yourself? “…it’s rumored that certain Hilary Swank may be there…” “… the screening was held at the actual movie theatre was a turning point of the real Freedom Writers…” It’s called ‘spellcheck’ – check it out!

  2. i saw this the first time it came out…

    when it was called stand and deliver

  3. willshortz: Thanks for the tip! Too bad spell check can’t fix what was wrong with those two sentences, though.

    Maybe you can suggest a writing course for me?

  4. Didn’t see this, but while I understand that they might not have been able to shoot at the actual Wilson High School (though LBUSD doesn’t really have a problem with film crews), I was so annoyed that they changed the school’s colors!

    I went to Poly High–which is in a really tougher neighborhood than Wilson–a few years after the events in the story took place, so it was interesting to me that Wilson had some of the same problems.

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