Is Tobey Maguire living at the Arclight?

spidey3.jpgDon’t ask me why, but I’ve now seen Spider-Man 3 two times at the Cinerama Dome. Last night at midnight, and then again or the Friday 8:30pm show.

The reason I’m writing this is because the sold crowd at the opening midnight screening was surprised to have the film introduced by Peter Parker himself, Tobey Maguire. Nothing fancy – just a casual welcome to the Arclight, and a mention of the key cast.

And then, before Friday’s 8:30pm show, Tobey Maguire popped out again to introduce the show. Does the man live at the Arclight, or is he stalking me? I hate to complain, but why can’t it be Bryce Dallas Howard stalking me?

Then again… maybe its the whole cast… I bumped into Dunst at the BevMo at Santa Monica and LaBrea a few months ago…

Anyway, was anyone at any other Spider-Man 3 screenings that Maguire or other castmates made appearances?

3 thoughts on “Is Tobey Maguire living at the Arclight?”

  1. hey if I was the star of the (probably) highest grossing film of all time and I lived down the street I would be showing up too…

  2. He’s not the only one: I know for a fact that Larry Flynt managed to take in most of the theatrical showings of “The People vs. Larry Flynt,” including, sadly enough, one show on Christmas Day.

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