Who ate next to YOU last night?

Unless you were at Musso and Frank with us, I’ll bet it wasn’t Francis Ford Coppola, his missus, Talia Shire, Walter Murch, and a guy whose face I never saw.

At the table next to them: Spike Jonze and his entourage (minus Drew Barrymore – I guess she’s still out doing promo on her new awful movie).

At our table? Just plenty of steaks, martinis, and potatoes a la Cooper.

Viva la Musso’s!

18 thoughts on “Who ate next to YOU last night?”

  1. mmmmm potatoes ala coop, but their martini’s are the absolute best I have ever had…

  2. Ruth, you need to drag me along sometime so I can try this joint. Crystal is a vegan so it’ll be just moi and my shadow. We could have that “find a rep” talk over some chops and martini’s.

    Just to clarify, we are talking gin and not that “fake ass vodka crap” that people call a martini?

  3. L.A. dining nirvana: Musso’s lamb chops, martinis and hot apple pie a la mode. Nothing better, nor more elegantly simple.

  4. I agree Mack, the lamb chops are the best!

    Don’t forget their chicken pot pie (Thursdays only)

  5. Gin? Isn’t that what you get when you boil a pine tree?

    It’s all yours – I prefer my bucket of vodka –

  6. This straggled off, yes Michael#1 it is a true martini made the old school way with gin the way gawd meant it to be. Further its a large enough quantity that your glass is filled and you still have enough in the mini stainless steel carafe for a refill. I highly recommend the place and am certain a vegan could figure something out, more so if they are willing to dip into the dairy side of the food triangle, pyramid or whatever the hell they call it these days. Just go!

  7. Sorry dudes but I don’t think there’s one thing for vegans (besides the liquor). Even the breaded eggplant is likely dipped in egg and fried on the grill with the meat.

    Maybe a salad? My own fave is made with 3 kinds of seafood and a secret anchovy dressing – not even a little vegan!

    Ominvores rule!

  8. Damn, I was just thinking about how jealous I am of your regular trips there yesterday and here you are rubbing it in my face. ;)

    Put me down with Michael on the “gotta drag me along sometime” list.

  9. I sat next to someone I recognized as a guest star on “Mr. Belvedere” at my Silver Lake eatery last night.

  10. “…Francis Ford Coppola, his missus, Talia Shire…”

    Uuummmm…. “his missus” ???

    Talia Shire = Talia Rose Coppola = Francis Ford Coppola’s SISTER.

  11. I was making a list. Should I have said, “Coppola, his wife, Walter Murch, and Talia Shire,” to be clearer? I wasn’t saying Talia Shire was his wife.

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