Takeover @ La Cienga & Venice

Anyone else notice the 7! Shrek billboards at the intersection of Venice and La Cienga? I could only cram 4 in this picture. Another photo of two more off to the right (northwest) after the jump. And even more on my flickr site.


8 thoughts on “Takeover @ La Cienga & Venice”

  1. They’re going to feel really stupid if the movie sucks… wait, what do I mean ‘if’?

  2. I particularily liked the 10 foot tall inflatable Shrek at Smart and Final earlier. Marketing people are working overtime for reasons I don’t understand as the Shrek movies usually make a boatload of money in the box office and those toys on the side. Shrek movies are a riot, take them for what they are…silliness, sight gags and puns, keep the expectation low and you won’t be disappointed.

  3. lol!!! i was telling my friends about that! That totally struck me as such an odd intersection with SO many (almost) identical billboards- I was trying to figure out how to best take a picture, when i decided that unless I’m going to sit in the middle of the intersection, you cant’ get the full effect….

    thanks for posting about it tho! nice to see someone else thought it was as weird as i did…

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