Ride-Arc Terminal Tour Schedule Change

http://blogging.la/archives/images/2007/05/ridearc_terminal-thumb.jpgA quick note for all you mad cyclists who plan to join the fascinating/hawesome Tour of the Long Beach Cargo Terminal tonight:

The ride has been pushed up to 8:30 p.m. You’ll probably want to get there no later, as the ride takes off under police escort and stragglers might just get crushed by sleepy cargo-truck drivers if they go cruising solo from the pack.

See you there!

4 thoughts on “Ride-Arc Terminal Tour Schedule Change”

  1. I put this warning out to the list earlier. The Vincent Thomas Bridge is closed, Terminal Island is a mess, and the 710 is backing up because of it. Check traffic, avoid the bridge if possible, and give yourself time to get to the ride.

    No one knows why the bridge is closed currently. It may clear up, but It’s been going on for hours. They close it all the time for non-specific, unexplained reasons.

  2. Further update – I’m getting word that there’s either a bomb threat at China Shipping, adjacent to the bride and another report that there’s a jumper on the bridge. Regardless, it’s still shut down. I’ve got some artists working right next to the bridge, and none of them have seen anything substantive.

  3. > I put this warning out to the list earlier. The Vincent Thomas Bridge is closed,

    Ruh-roh. Any chance the ride can start a hair later to accommodate traffic trouble?

  4. Update – The bridge has re-opened, traffic is flowing semi-normally, it should be fine by the time most people will be driving to the ride.

    Apparently they had a jumper. There’s also word about a bomb threat at the China Shipping docks, but I haven’t gotten any confirmation on that and I’ve been on the phone with Port security several times this afternoon on work related matters.

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