Write that Script!

SF_Generic_120x240.gifYou live in LA … one of these days you’re going to get pulled over and someone’s going to ask to see your screenplay. No more looking at the floor, ashamed.

Take June and write your script!

I’m again serving as web community hostess for a writing challenge (in November it’s National Novel Writing Month).

The Challenge?

Script Frenzy
Write a screeplay (or a stageplay) in June.
It’s a contest … every winner gets a screenplay!

Sign up online. Join the web community. Take over your local coffee house. Hold you head up high at summer barbecues.

8 thoughts on “Write that Script!”

  1. Hey! Awesome! Thank you for doing it. I need an excuse to get me working on one of several planned screenplay projects.

  2. damn no screen play but I have a pretty snazzy portfolio….this is a link to pass on to a few budding writers I know of.

  3. aaaaaigh.

    As one of, oh, five Angelenos who were actually born here, I beg of the general public–PLEASE DO NOT WRITE THAT SCRIPT. PLEASE.

    Growing up in the shadow of The Industry, I have to say, I’m so sick of everyone and their Aunt Eloise hoping to shop their not-even-finished, crappy-ass screenplay. Enough already.

    Sorry to the aspiring writers, but NO ONE’S GOING TO BUY IT. Or if they do, they’ll mutilate it, throw in explosions and some gore and tits, and you’ll be left feeling like you got ass-raped with that very same manuscript. Welcome to LA. Now go home.

  4. I think you should read more about ScriptFrenzy, Lucinda. I’ve probably portrayed it flippantly here, but it’s really an exercise in pushing your own boundaries. It’s not supposed to be good, it’s supposed to be done.

    Check out National Novel Writing Month too, where our catchphrase is “No Plot? No Problem!” The fiction industry seems to have survived the onslaught of our tens of thousands of bad novels just fine.

    It’s attitudes like “no one’s going to buy it” that keep people from striving to find out what’s inside of them. Don’t knock dreams … or hobbies.

  5. Explosions, gore and tits…

    Sounds like the next Oscar winner to me…

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