Obama Calls Silverlake Man in MySpace “truce”

Picture%2025.pngControl of original Obama MySpace page returned to “fan”.

Updating yesterday’s story about the Obama campaign “stealing” a fan’s MySpace profile:

Joe Anthony, the Silverlake guy who started the Obama MySpace page over two years ago, writes that last night Barack himself gave him a call to help calm down the matter.

He expressed his appreciation and we agreed that there is something to be learned by everyone involved at this point. (Frankly, I was a little surprised by the call, and was too nervous to remember any exact quotes)

I assured him that this is just a horrible thing that happened and obviously he wasn’t responsible and shouldn’t be held responsible. It’s his campaign that perhaps mismanaged this whole thing. He of course stands by his campaign, but again. . . much to be learned by all. […]

I urge you all to consider this situation carefully. It’ll take time for me to work this out and decide if I will personally continue to support Obama, regardless of how I feel about his campaign’s handling of this situation…

Anthony also announced that the original Obama profile, with 150,000 friends, has been returned to his control… although the profile details have been deleted. Barack’s name and picture have been replaced with a question mark and a blank photo.

I’m unsure of how I’ll proceed from here with this blank profile of 150,000 people. I hope you’ll all help me decide.

At this point, maybe it would be best to delete it and move on.

Well, thats 153,529 friends… and counting. How much is an individual friend worth on MySpace? Surely he can find some way to make a profit off this… and if money isn’t an objective, one hell of a way to get out any social or political message…

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  1. why is this guy crying over this? OF COURSE, obama is going to want control over his own myspace page. this guy seems like a whiner… i hardly think this is a reason to abandon support.

    i still heart obama!

  2. This is such a great story…… Real “man of the people” that Obama guy is.

  3. Barb: At any point the Obama people could have created their own profile. Instead, they asked if they could work with Joe’s site, and he agreed. If he hadn’t made it so succesful in the first place, they probably wouldn’t have cared. Instead they relied on it, and after the workload became huge, Joe asked for money. They asked for a figure and when it was higher than they expected, the had MySpace try and kick Joe out.
    This wasn’t Obama’s personal page at anypoint, and still isn’t. In fact, the Obama campaign referred to it as his “unofficial” MySpace page.
    Pretty crummy.

  4. Thanks for letting us know about this incident. Thanks to this incident OBAMA is no longer on my priority list of candidates to support.

  5. I’m not familiar with the details of this case, but I’m assuming that it’s the typical myspace celebrity profile where it was someone claiming to “be” Barack Obama? I mean, I know most people on myspace realize that those sites aren’t run by the actual people, but I don’t know if that makes it strictly legal to create one. Don’t bands have those profiles taken down all the time (especially when someone’s putting their music up there)?

    It sounds to me like Obama’s people didn’t want a Obama profile they weren’t in control of, and they didn’t want to pay someone $50K a year to maintain it. I don’t see what’s so unreasonable about that.

  6. SteveK:

    No, not at all. Joe wasn’t pretending to be Obama. And they didn’t ask for the page to be deleted. In fact, they contacted Joe, applauded his efforts, then began working with him to improve the page, and often boasting that his page had more friends than any other candidate.

    Maybe Joe shouldn’t have asked for a lot of money – but the fact is the Obama camp was open to compensating him, but when they heard his initial figure they went around Joe to get MySpace to block him from the page.

    Personally, I’m still rooting for Obama, but this was a very sloppy way to handle this situation. They should have had some sort of agreement with Joe much earlier, or started their own MySpace page, instead of giving Joe’s MySpace page their overwhelming consent and then trying to steal it when he asked for compensation.

    I’m siding with the individual guy here who may have made a couple small mistakes instead of the money machine behind Obama with a ton of consultants and legal and financial backing.

  7. I still agree with SteveK. And, I still think that Obama is great. Personally, I think that Joe was trying to extort money from them. Campaigns have people who volunteer for them and get paid no money. If I was to offer to run a MySpace page for a candidate, I would assume that it was for no charge. I don’t blame the Obama camp for bailing.

  8. I am not Joe’s to sell.

    There are many of us who have sacrificed our time, energy and money to help support Obama’s bid for presidency… perhaps I am an idealist, but I for one think the paycheck Joe was expecting is far from reasonable.

    I was one of those 160K people who signed up for ‘friendship’, but I want to be clear that I didn’t sign up for ‘Joe’s Page’ but as an expression of support for Obama. I have a feeling 99% of the people on his profile did the same.

    To hang out your dirty laundry in public like he is doing is nasty and spiteful. It’s just gross.

    Way to sell out your soul, dude. You belong in Santa Monica. ;)

  9. By the way… While I too think this situation was handled inappropriately, it doesn’t sway my belief that Obama is the Democrats best candidate. Hands Down, Profile Down.

  10. It sounds to me like Obama’s people didn’t want a Obama profile they weren’t in control of, and they didn’t want to pay someone $50K a year to maintain it. I don’t see what’s so unreasonable about that.

    Hallelujah. Of course they contacted Anthony. He was in control of http://www.myspace.com/barackobama. It would’ve been stupid and irresponsible of them not to. Here’s a sample comment from Anthony’s post if you want a good reason why:

    I haven’t decided who to vote for and I honestly did NOT realize your site was not from the Obama campaign. I joined it to learn more about him just as I have joined some of the other candidates. I wanted “official” information to help me clarify my knowledge on the candidate.

    Most candidates probably would’ve gone straight to MySpace’s management to begin with, rather than contacting the user and trying to work together. Instead of deciding to jump ship on a candidate over something this silly (seriously, people? this is your priority?), we should be applauding the Obama campaign for trying to work with Anthony in the first place.

    And I find it ridiculous that people continually characterize this as Obama’s campaing “stealing” the profile from the dude. Anthony created a profile under another person’s name. Not a fan club profile. Not a campaign profile. Not myspace.com/voteobama08. That’s clearly against the MySpace Terms of Use, and he knows it. I’m sure it hurts to have something you’ve put that much time and energy into taken away, but he’s stupid if he didn’t forsee any potential problems and he needs stop being a fucking baby about it.

  11. Fuck it all. Any day that Duhbya doesn’t drool in public is fucking five-star, yet Obama’s fledgling campaign stubs its toe in MySpace and people are jumping ship over it? LET IT GO.

  12. The more I think about this, the more i think Joe is a NewsCorps operative… i mean… c’mon, a lawyer in silverlaker with no tattoos or fixed gear bike? suuuuuuurrrrrrrre.

  13. All the guys that do political stuff for a living say that he was asking way too little for the work he did. Obama’s campaign couldn’t pay the guy something for his effort?? If they think that paying him a little was expensive wait until they start rebuilding the list with paid staffers. Or maybe that was the whole idea anyway?? Put some friends to work? Anyway I think they treated him in a very sleazy way.

  14. “It’ll take time for me to work this out and decide if I will personally continue to support Obama”

    And this is supposed to matter to whom, exactly? Why should I give a rat’s ass about this tool’s personal ruminations? Your 15 minutes is up, Junior. Lessons learned by all–now go home and stop the whining.

  15. Stop the whining? When in fact the site was a friend to 150K+ potential supporters and because of the professionalism of the site moderator is why everyone stayed a subscriber of his work. Started long before Obama even threw his name in the hat. Obama should apologize for hijacking a site to each member. Joe is American’s New Unsung Hero!! I am candidateless and back to the drawing board for potential leader.. For Obama.. back to politics as usual.. disappointing..

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