Dear Bikers On Santa Monica Blvd.

Yes, you look really cool on your shiny neon motorbikes. Just like those kids in Biker Boyz. I’m impressed with how studly you all are. I bet all the tranny hookers in East Hollywood are too. Now, could you stop turning around and around every three blocks so I can go home?


The Slow and the Furious

3 thoughts on “Dear Bikers On Santa Monica Blvd.”

  1. Honestly, I’d rather have them slowing down the surface roads than flying by me at 80 mph doing the car corridor on a gridlocked 405. I’m just waiting for the day I see one of them misjudge the width of the cars…

  2. I’d guess that most of these guys are responsible riders, but there are always a small number of *squids that can create a bad impression. Although far more common amongst sport bike riders, they can also be found on other classes of motorcycles (cruisers, dirt-bikes etc.)

    When I get ’round to renting “Biker Boyz” I should get one of those counter thingies that bouncers use to see how many squids are in the flick :)

    * “Squid”: An irresponsible motorcyclist. See this Wikipedia entry for more detail. The EMT etymology at the end of the entry’s pretty gruesome!

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