Another video from MacArthur Park

Sasha Costanza-Chock just put together this video and sent it out to a friends mailing list. Sasha writes:

…I stayed up late last night cutting this video together so I’m sending it out to the world as part of my own catharsis and attempt to shake the creepy feeling that always comes over me after I watch armor clad police use batons on fleeing defenseless people.

If you are not in LA, the story is that LAPD brutally attacked thousands of families celebrating international workers’ day in downtown macarthur park, using rubber bullets, batons, motorcycles and chemical spray. They even attacked several members of the media, including Fox News and Telemundo correspondents! It was so ludicrous that they are no longer even attempting to spin it in the standard way (ie, ‘we used controlled nonlethal force against a few troublemakers). They have abandoned that line and even the chief (bratton) has admitted that it got out of hand.

I was there to support the event and to play music with my band fosforo. We were literally on the soundstage playing when the police attacked without clear warning. I happened to have a cam and hid behind a speaker stack to record everything.

For you non-spanish speakers, the music is a cover of Bob Marley’s ‘War,’ itself an interpretation of a speech by Haile Selassie I.

The band is my band Fósforo, the footage is a mix of stuff shot by me, some shot by Larry Gross (!), and some pulled from and from YouTube at 2am.

enjoy the (riot) porn.

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13 thoughts on “Another video from MacArthur Park”

  1. “international worker day”? LOL. i think you mean “illegal alien rally”.

    why they think it’s a good idea to sneak into a country and throw things at police is a good idea is beyond me. i want a better life…i think i’ll go break into some homes in beverly hills. and if i’m arrested, let’s blog about how i’m mistreated. oh, the humanity!

  2. Better yet, Roger….let’s videotape our illegal activities then edit it to maximize our victimhood.

    Viva la Final Cut Pro!

  3. I know the people in Fosforo. They’re good people, upstanding, thoughtful, and they involve themselves in good causes, giving freely of their time and talent to help others, not asking anything in return. I’d like to speak up in support of them here.

    That bullshit about people sneaking into the US to break into homes in Beverly Hills is fucking stupid. These people work their asses off every goddamn day for a fucking pittance, and they recieve only disrespect. I drove to school over there every day for four years and every day I saw the trucks of immigrant workers servicing these homes, gardens, nannying their children.

    Obviously you don’t live in a neighborhood where many immigrants–from ANY nation–live, or you’d see how they value their families, their work ethic, their contribution.

  4. I just want to express my sympathies to the people who were brutally attacked by the police for no reason. I am relatively new to LA and shocked to read this story. I did not think the LA police would be so abusive, especially to an organized, peaceful celebration (from what I’ve read, they had permits to march and congregate).

    This is a disgrace to the LAPD and the city of Los Angeles. We should not be afraid of the police, their job is to protect us not attack us! I have seen other incidents of the police, seemingly without justification, picking on homeless people or pulling someone over just because they drive a beat up car. In each case, they had to let the person go, because they had no reason to arrest them. If you don’t believe me, take a weekday walk around Hollywood or even West Hollywood and you will see what I’m talking about. It happens more than we think . I understand crime is bad here, but picking on innocent people is not the way to prevent it. If anything, it promotes more crime because it makes people angry and have less respect for authority.

    The police have wielded their power in a reprehensible manor, and are seriously tarnishing their reputation and integrity to the people. Please don’t lower yourself to their level and resort to violence. We should all rise above them, and demand justice through non-violent channels. Make complaints, get involved, and spread the word on what has happened here.

  5. I don’t agree with a “come one, come all” immigration policy for any ethnic group. I do employ 10 people of “Latino” decent/origin and I agree, they are hard working, honest, reliable, friendly and in general “all around good people”. But, regardless of background I would not hire any person that could not provide me with proper ID and proof of work eligibility. FYI, I’ve also had Chinese and European workers who were also required to show me proof of eligibility before they were offered employment.

    That being said, I thought the video was pure propaganda and to be completely honest an embarrassment to the “kids” that created it and the community they “represent”.

  6. Yeah, what the heck were those kids thinking, getting all those policemen to beat people up on camera, just for the sake of a video? For shame, for shame!

  7. Ah…the emotions and frustration continue to run wild. So far we’ve seen some really terrific editing to make a point by ALL SIDES. I take what I see and hear with a healthy dose of skepticism as what everyone shows is what fits their agenda. I for one am glad the FBI has agreed to stick their noses in this and find out what happened and tell us.
    Has anyone heard the rumor that someone with police band radios was on making calls to rush this or that corner of the park to quell a riot? Don’t know what to make of that one but the spin is that there was a group making those braodcasts to make certain there was police activity at the scene. Scary whether true or not that some one went down that road.
    Just telling you what we are hearing out on the fringes…

  8. Im trying to find the footage in that video that was taken by the band itself? Seems like they are using the footage just to promote F√≥sforo.The first half of the video is all them playing, then took everyone else’s footage and cut it in the second half. Or I thought I would at least see in the video something that would show us that the cops attacked the crowd, unprovoked. His post is a little misleading. I don’t agree with what the cops did, but this video doesn’t really show anything that we haven’t already seen? Besides that band playing anyway.

  9. “Police band radio,” Frazgo? You must be pretty far out on the fringes. Not that it wasn’t fairly obvious already from your previous comments (to your credit, you appear now to understand that the police misbehaved, and are backpedaling appropriately).

    For the record, the LAPD radio communication system went fully digital some years ago. To put out a call on an LAPD frequency, one would have to possess a transceiver capable of transmitting in APCO-25 digital FM mode (a national standard being implemented in public service agencies around the country as budgets permit). Transceivers (as distinct from receivers) capable of transmitting in this mode are only sold to government agencies. It is not possible to modify, say, a ham radio or business-band radio to transmit in APCO-25 digital. For the rumor to be true, somebody would have had to possess a stolen APCO-25 radio, programmed with LAPD frequencies, and known enough about which particular units were deployed there to impersonate their commanders or colleagues convincingly. It’s not impossible, but Occam’s Razor almost certainly applies here.

    Matt: there is some footage in the Fosforo video that looks like it was taken from behind a fence or barricade. I believe that this footage was shot by a member or associate of the band who hid behind the stage rigging as the police advanced north through the park.

  10. This a new low for the city. We have a mayor that shoots his mouth and has shown us what side he takes. While he bashes our own police force. This mexican socialist, does not represent me as a latino or many latinos I know.. Its a shame this state is being allowed turn into a cesspool by bleeding heart liberals, a socialist.. I support the LAPD and it’s actions , the reporters should have obeyed the lawful order to disperse.. The actions of these mexicans are just to try to pussyfy our police, and believe me thats not what the tax paying citizens of this town want.. No amnesty, no anker babies and tighten down our immigration policy.. Stop the cespool of thirdworld sewage..

  11. Whatever, “Latino”. There is trolling, and then there is the law. The law clearly states that the media has right to be present and cover events even when a dispersal order has been given. The police has broken the law, and they are gonna pay for it.

  12. to lucinda the dumb ass:

    “Obviously you don’t live in a neighborhood where many immigrants–from ANY nation–live, or you’d see how they value their families, their work ethic, their contribution.”

    I AM MARRIED TO A LEGAL IMMIGRANT THAT I BROUGHT TO THIS COUNTRY. any other ignorant comments you want to make? wow, they work. big deal. they cost this country much more than they will ever make.

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