Who’s going to see Britney tonight?

Well, if finally broke on CNN.com so I guess the secret is out. I’ve been hearing about it for a little bit now but if anyone has a bunch of dollars and wants to go catch Britney Spears playing tonight tomorrow at the House of Blues on the strip now is your chance. It looks like her secret show as “The M&M’s” is going down. I looked into a ticket earlier in the week but that stuff is sold out and buying a ticket on craigslist looks to be a $300+ affair. Oh well, the price some people are willing to pay to see a once powerful popstar try to climb her way back out of…wherever it is that Britney is. Though, c’mon, there is no way ALL of you don’t wanna get drunk and make out in the back when she plays Toxic. C’mon. Admit it. I do.

Of course, The Superficial has coverage.

You can check out the HOB event page here.

6 thoughts on “Who’s going to see Britney tonight?”

  1. San Diego media this morning was reporting on her performance. 18 minutes, and 4 songs. If that’s worth $300+ to you, more power to you.

  2. ^ Should have mentioned her performance…last night in San Diego…

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