Where my R2D2s be at?

[huge-ass image from Nuclear Ferret]

A few weeks ago I remember hearing that the Post Office was launching some strange Star Wars promotional push (coming up on SW’s 30th anniversary), and that we might well expect to see our familiar blue mailboxes transformed into that loveable scamp R2D2.

Well it’s been months and I ain’t seen one yet.

So I ask you – Where all my R2D2s be at?

19 thoughts on “Where my R2D2s be at?”

  1. there’s one on some side street south of hollywood before sunset in front of the post office. you know near the Y, wilcox, cahuenga, ameoba and all that. maybe wilcox? i dont know, but it’s there. i took a photo of it on saturday. sorry for vague info, but go check it out…or try to find it

  2. During my jury duty lunch break downtown last week, I wandered from the Cathedral over to the Disney Hall, noticing an Artoo on the North side of Our Lady of Angels. So, what’s that? Temple and Grand? I saw a Sith in a different part of downtown, but I didn’t trust him with my mail.

  3. All over SF according to my houseguests who are from there. Apparently George likes them more than he likes us.

  4. There’s one on Ventura Blvd. in Studio City off of Laural Canyon. In front of Mexicali.

  5. there’s one outside the post office in hollywood on selma near ivar (where the hollywood farmers market is on sundays).

  6. Thanks for the nice diversion we needed that…now I want to get some pics of them after the urban artists get their newest canvas decorated.

  7. There’s one in Westwood Village on Westwood Blvd, east side of the street, I forget the cross-street. I saw it Saturday on my way to the book festival.

  8. In Burbank: Olive Ave/Kenwood after Pass Ave across from the WB studios by the Taco Bell

  9. I saw one this weekend off Cook St off the 10 Freeway in Palm Desert…Yes it’s pretty far away, but check it out!

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