Faces of Sunset Boulevard

facesofsunset-saravia-interview.jpgI’ve been following the photography of Patrick Ecclesine, especially in relation to his newest project and exhibition, FACES OF SUNSET BOULEVARD: A Portrait of Los Angeles. I absolutely love the composition of his photos, the way they are cinematically lit, and how he really brings out the character of the subjects he’s photographing. In this project, Ecclesine shoots the 25 miles of the Sunset Boulevard as a portrait of Los Angeles. And some of these photographs are just stunning. Another thing I love about this project is that Tom LaBonge was helpful in setting up some of the shoots. So while many of these shots were taken with no preparation (i.e. – Patrick driving along Sunset and seeing something he wanted to shoot), others were planned so that people like the Mayor, Larry King, and various noteables are also included. I hope I can get my hands on a finished product (book), because I dig this project on so many levels.

It’s currently still a work in progress, as he’s planning on shooting through early July of this year, but you can see this exhibit now for free at the LA City Hall Bridge Gallery through May 4. (Details after the jump)

Photo courtesy: Will Campbell

FACES OF SUNSET BOULEVARD is a captivating exploration of Los Angeles culture. Using Sunset Boulevard as the focal point, the project combines vivid portraits and revealing interviews with people in relation to the famous boulevard. Images include the mayor, who holds a red balloon as a symbol of his hope for the city, the chief of police with a helicopter silhouetted against the sun behind him, as well as Hollywood celebrities, working people, families, the homeless, and many others.

Working from the center of the city to the ocean, and traveling through nine distinct neighborhoods, FACES OF SUNSET BOULEVARD captures the diverse range of people who live, work, and play in L.A.

This is 31 year old L.A. photographer Patrick Ecclesine’s first exhibition. He has funded this project with his commercial work for companies like Warner Brothers, DreamWorks, TNT, TBS, HBO, CBS, CNN, SONY, and FOX.

FACES OF SUNSET BOULEVARD: A Portrait of Los Angeles

Patrick Ecclesine
April 12 – May 4, 2007
LA City Hall Bridge Gallery, Los Angeles, California 90012
Monday through Friday 8am-5pm.

Enter City Hall East at 200 N. Main Street. For more information please call 323-314-8000.
** Free to the public, please bring a valid photo id for entry **

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  1. The one at City Hall is quite impressive. The Opening Reception was an amazing sight to behold: sushi, drinks, and a DJ in the hallowed halls of the finest seat of municipal government.

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