Dads In Drag for Fathers’ Follies! [Insert Wolf Whistle Here]

follies%2001.jpgA big thanks to Kim of for sending this on to me. Celebrating their 60th anniversary (whoa! that goes back to 1947!), the fathers of the Verdugo Woodlands PTA are putting on their annual show, “Fathers’ Follies”–a cavalcade of goofy weirdness to raise funds for said same PTA.

This is so awesome. You know when you had school projects–the castle you had to build out of sugarcubes? The year you had to make a scale model of one of California’s missions? And, like, your dad helped you, and he did SUCH a good job, cos he’s, like, A DAD?! And he applied all those daddical skills like carpentry and painting and building and knowing which contact cement works on plastic? And you ended up getting a B and not an A because your teacher knew you couldn’t possibly have applied that stucco yourself to the exterior of your milk-carton model of Mission San Juan Capistrano, and the actual glass panes in the church windows were just a dead giveaway?

Uh, I digress. Basically, think of all those awesome Dad Skills applied to a…vaudeville variety show. And then they put on insane costumes and act like little kids again and make their own kids’ jaws drop. “Dad looks great in those Daisy Dukes!”
It’s an LA tradition and a homespun, hilarious evening. I think everyone should go, and I can’t believe I only just learned about it. Mad props to Kim! This year’s info and pertinent deets are here.

Photos courtesy Verdugo Woodlands PTA & Fathers’ Follies–go check out the rest on their web site!

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