5 thoughts on “CNN Report on LAPD Action Against Protesters”

  1. If the reports that there was no warning from police are accurate, this is heinous overkill on the part of the police. I suspect there’s more to this than has been reported so far, but if not, it’s a pretty sad statement on the non-evolution of the department’s crowd-control tactics.

    You’d think after the ’00 Democratic National Convention and other confrontations, the LAPD incident commanders would have figured out that the vast majority of peaceful demonstrators (yes, there are sometimes exceptions who have to be handled differently) are just that – peaceful – and will move along when told to.

  2. Oh good. Just what L.A. needs. Police brutality on a particular minority group. This worked out real well back in ’92.

  3. Mack, there was a police helicopter flying around and announcing that “everyone has to leave the park immediately” or something like that, but that was barely audible – and there was no violence or anything going on within the park, so people were just really puzzled and didn’t know what was going on. At the same time the police started entering the park and pretty much immediately shooting rubber bullets at random folks.

    I was volunteering wih the organizers of the rally. We were positioned towards the end of the park where the police entered, giving away free water, making art projects with kids and giving them temporary tattoos. It really felt more like a neighbourhood party than anything else, until suddenly the police showed up and started shooting around.

    We scrambled to get the most valuable of our things, get everyone together and leave the park as quickly as possible. We didn’t have time to pack most of our stuff, and some of it got stolen after the police cleared the park.

    There was no communication with the rally organizers about this – and there was absolutely no violence in the park, except from the side of the police. Also, if you see folks with yellow baseball caps in some of the videos getting beaten up: Those are lawyers who volunteered as legal observers and tried to negotiate with the police to give people time to leave …

  4. You know you’re doing something wrong when Fox News is on the side of immigration protesters.

  5. Assaulting Fox News reporters was a real bad move. Whoops you just beat your biggest supporters with sticks. Should have left it at Telemundo.

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