Cemetery Screenings Are Back!

Picture%2021.pngCinespia, the official name behind the Cemetery Screenings, have just announced the line up for their first four weeks of movies held on some empty graves Saturday evenings at Hollywood Forever Cemetery, kicking off May 19th with Robert Altman’s “The Player”.

May 19th: The Player
May 26th: Vertigo
June 2nd: Gilda
June 9th: Harold and Maude

Gates open at 7pm with an 8:30pm show start, but Cinespia vets know that to get a half decent spot on the lawn you should show up by 5:30pm or even earlier. Their website has a list of do’s and don’ts (ie, barbecues: no, alcohol: yes).

$10 per live body.

My commentary after the jump…

Unfortunately, can’t say I’m too excited by this initial slate – “The Player” is a great movie about Hollywood, so fitting for the cemetery full of dead movie execs and screenwriters, but not exactly the kind of popcorn fare I’d want to watch with a picnic. Anything Hitchcock is a nice choice, and “Vertigo” is probably the most exciting of the four, but “Gilda” or “Harold and Maude”? Sure, the Cemetery Screenings tend to fill up no matter what they put on the screen, but this filmgoer is so far disappointed.

My dream slate would include “The Outsiders”, “The Lost Boys”, and “Ferris Bueller’s Day Off” (did they show that before?).

Any other suggestions in case the folks from Cinespia are reading?

8 thoughts on “Cemetery Screenings Are Back!”

  1. Gilda is a fantastic movie. I just don’t know how it will play outdoors with a big crowd… Great movie though. I’ve never been to one of these screenings but I’ve always wanted to. How is the sound? Is it difficult to watch a movie that you sort of need to pay attention to?

  2. Geez you’re fast!

    I got the email today and was going to post it tomorrow – well done, Markland!

    I’m sure there will be more titles to come. Hope one suits your fancy – this is really a fun thing to do.

  3. Would be chuffed if they showed “Chinatown” again this summer. Or “Sunset Boulevard.” Or “Double Indemnity.” Or “Jackie Brown.” Or “Thrashin’.” Or “Point Break.” Or “Fletch.” Or that movie about white russians and CCR.

    But my real suggestion: “Troop Beverly Hills” followed by an unannounced Jenny Lewis concert–which she closes with a cover of “Thriller.” And the entire crowd magically remembers, and performs, the choreography from said video.

  4. Harold & Maude will be a slam dunk, but I too am most excited about Vertigo.

    I’d go with Ed Wood over The Player, though… but I’m biased. It’s my favorite movie… if I ran the joint I’d show Ed Wood at EVERY screening.

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