Sweatin’ Bullets: City Nerd spotted!

At right: first known photo of the LA City Nerd (in disguise), by Dave Bullock/eecue.com.

Ed Fuentes at View from a Loft has coverage of last Sunday’s downtown bridgewalk organized by urban explorers Eric Lynxwiler and Shannon from ShaInLA.

MediaBistro advises everyone to avoid the Grove on May 7th during an American Girl casting call – I hope Malingering gets the warning.

Tyke Johnson at MetroRiderLA offers some options on “what do when u witness a tagger.”

Sweatin’ Bullets in the good ‘ol days: a round up of muggings and carjackings from 80 years ago today, at 1947Project.com.

Don Hosek at L.A. Stories indeliberately gives some tips on how to ride the bus for free!

Rattling the Kettle pays a visit to the Butterfly Pavilion at the LA Natural Museum and manages to keep his kid from crushing any o the critters.