RIDE-Arc This Friday: Hard To Port!

I’m not going to hype this other than to say if you’re one of those freaks like me who gets off getting on his bike at night to explore stange and exotic places around the way then this Friday’s RIDE-Arc — some three months in the matriculating — looks to be absofuckingspectaculutely unique and jaw-dropping awesome. Nay! HAWESOME (and I don’t thow out that word very often because Shane Nickerson owns the trademark to it and charges a buck per use). Oh what the hell: HAWESOME! HAWESOME!! HAWESOME!!!

The 15-20 mile cruise mostly at sea-level will roll at 9 p.m. sharp from the Port of Long Beach Administration HQ (map) and feature an unheard of inside-the-gates tour of the Port of Long Beach and special bonus insider access to Morton Salt Terminal. If that sounds totally underwhelming, I’m sorry about that and have fun reshuffling your Netflix queue. For me it sounds promising enough to blow away past RIDE-Arc rides that I didn’t think could ever be topped, namely this one last October and this one in November.

Anyway, I’ll just simmer down now and point whoever’s still reading to the RIDE-Arc site for more elaborate information (click on “Upcoming Ride”).

3 thoughts on “RIDE-Arc This Friday: Hard To Port!”

  1. OMFG, this looks like a blast! Check out the g-map of the meeting point; the footprint of the port is 3x larger than LAX. OMFG!

  2. See you there Will. Looks like a bunch of San Pedro riders are coming across for it. We’ll be the guys all wearing ubiquitous “San Pedro” shirts and other schwag.

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