Return of the Son of GATORWATCH!!11

If it’s May, it must be warming up in our fair city, so everyone’s favorite elusive alligator has woken up from his long little gatornap, and resurfaced in the waters of Lake Machado after an extended absence:

“After 18 months of hibernation or just eluding us, Reggie has decided to show himself,” City Councilwoman Janice Hahn told a press conference next to Harbor Regional Park’s Lake Machado.

Hahn said she had asked the Parks and Recreation Department to put a fence back up around the lake.

“Reggie is older, Reggie is bigger, and he’s probably hungry, so I want to make sure that we keep the public safe,” she said. “He’s a wild alligator and he’s unpredictable and we’re not really sure what his behavior will be.”

Damn right, Janice. Reggie was all, “Yo! Councilwoman! I’M IN UR LAKE, EATIN UR TOURIZTS! GIVE ME A DAMN FENCE, WOMAN!”

Please note that does not recommend speaking to Councilwoman Hahn in this manner, unless you’re a giant fucking alligator.

Reggie slept through the tragic death of Steve Irwin, who had pledged to coax Reggie out of the lake and onto the Discovery Channel in 2005, so it looks like Reggie will be king of the lake for a little while longer.

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