Lebanese in LA?

Last week I was visiting a friend in Chicago who happened to live just a few blocks from an amazing Lebanese cafe/deli/bakery and now that I’m back in LA I’m totally jonesing for the lentily goodness I enjoyed every day while I was there. Does anyone have any good recommendations of a similar place here in LA that I might be able to cure my cravings at? Please don’t make me resort to fedexing soup across the country.

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  1. Try the Shwarma Kitchen in the Grand Central Market. When they opened I really thought they had the best hummus that I had ever had outside of Israel, although something’s changed and it’s become slightly less spectacular. Still, it’s well above average. More information:


    Don’t listen to them when they talk up their falafel. The beef shwrama is orders of magnitude better. And they even put pickled turnips in the side salad – which for some reason I can’t get even some of the Middle Eastern places on Fairfax to do.

  2. Try Maroush on Santa Monica near Western (I don’t remember the actual cross street offhand). GREAT lentil soup.

  3. Wahib’s in Alhambra is fantastic, particularly if you want to get beyond the usual kebabs.

  4. Sunnin in Westwood–Westwood at Santa Monica, just up from the gas station on the north-west side of the intersection.

  5. I don’t know what lentils you’re referring to but Skaf’s Grill in a strip mall in Burbank is AWESOME. Their pastries are homemade, well priced, and delicious.

    If you’re jonsing for pastries, the Baklava Factory in Eagle Rock is better to me than Shatila’s, where I used to mail order from (they’re near Detroit, Lebanese food hq).

    The Glendale area is the place to go for lebanese food. Carnaval is also great, a sit down casual restaurant.

  6. in my lebanese opinion – marouch – 4905 santa monica blvd. – between western and vermont has the best lebanese food in los angeles.

  7. Sorry everyone, but Carnival in Sherman Oaks is the best in town (no Sherman Oaks bias or anything, heh).

    On Woodman at Moorpark at SE corner next to the Chimney Sweep in the little shopping mall place with the Chicago Hot Dog place (they have veggie dogs too).

  8. Kings Kabab in Culver City – on Sawtelle at Sepulveda. No indoor seating, but the food totally rocks!

  9. I hate to say it, but I’m going to have to agree with Zach. (Imagine that!)

    Carnival claims that their lentil soup is a signature dish.

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