L.A.’s air dissed once again

In what has become an annual tradition, the American Lung Association has once again announced Los Angeles gets an “A” for having “F” quality air. Plugging in an L.A. zip code on their website allows one to get a full report on just how many orange, red and purple “ozone days” we had last year. I have no idea what those colors mean, but the order definitely implies an increasingly pissed off ozone. To help combat our poor air quality, doctors have announced that yoga boosts your immune system to help fight cancer. So maybe now’s the time to join the local yoga industrial complex. If we want to live in LA and avoid black lung, it appears we should always be in downward facing dog.

4 thoughts on “L.A.’s air dissed once again”

  1. I was going to make a comment about this post, but here in the valley, the smog is too thick for me to see the monitor…

  2. Yeah?! Well, I give high marks to the American Lung Association for being a bunch of air snobs.

    I’m going outside to get high on rush hour love fumes.

  3. dammit. damn you for being yet another voice reminding me to use up my prepaid (thinking I’d actually go if I paid in advance) yoga classes before I move to North Carolina next month. I’m just hoping I don’t develop asthma before I get there, that would really suck. how do people find the motivation to excercise regularly?

  4. You really should reconsider your tone. Your structure is lacking in your posts.

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