I smell a rat

I guess it was only a matter of time before the rodents found their way into my home.

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A few months ago I actually saw a mouse (I think – I hope not a rat) in my kitchen cabinets – helping himself to the cat treats I’d been storing there. No secret how he got in: the people before us bought a snazzy fridge that makes ice and serves water through the door. Said fridge needed plumbing, so some rocket scientist just punched holes in the back walls of the kitchen cabinet to add plumbing, then never plastered the holes. When we got the house I noticed it but I never thought it would be a problem.

When I found the mouse I immediately cleaned the cabintet, covered the holes and hoped for the best. So far my patching has held and no more mousies in my kitchen (or so I think).

Then I found the mountains of rodent pooh downstairs near the water heater, and shortly after that I found more in the crawlspace under the house. I got some mouse traps from the Home Depot but they’re not going for it.

I guess I have to have a real exterminator in to fix this – Any suggestions from those who’ve been down this road before? I have no problems with the idea of killing the critters, and don’t tell me to get a cat. We have three but they’re not allowed in the areas where I’m finding the evidence.

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  1. However you decide to deal with them, best to refrain from putting out the poison blocks of food you can get at any market. Not that they’re ineffective — they’re too much so, especially if your mousies eat enough not to kill them and then they get caught and eaten by a neighborhood cat or dog or hawk or crow or snake who then gets sick and dies. Talk about paying it forward.

  2. I found traps work but you have to bait them well to get the rat/mouses attention. Small bads of peanut butter on the trigger lasts longest and seemed to work best here.
    Check for access points, especially around the foundation into the crawlspace. Seal them where possible, redo the screens if needed for ventilation whatever. This may be a job for Nick.
    Will hit it on the head about poison going forward in the food chain and since you have cats thats a real risk. By the way…odd you have M/R with cats…what kind of sissy cats are they…not hunting and at least giving you a present in the deal?

  3. Thanks for the tip about the poison. I was in fact avoiding that avenue more because I didn’t want them to die in my walls and cause even more trouble, but for sure I don’t want to start a chain of death….

    I tried the traps and used the peanut butter, but they didn’t work.

    The cats can’t help either – the critters are in the part of the house where cat’s aren’t allowed.

  4. There was a mouse running around in our apartment, but we caught her and put a stronger latch on her cage this time.

  5. DAMN…passed on the peanut butter, the heathen critters! I’ve never known a rat to pass on that.

  6. I found another jar of the Salmonella contaminated Peter Pan and used that!

    Do you think they could tell?

  7. adding steel wool to your plaster patch will help in the future too. If the mice have developed a pattern of feeding in a particular place they’ll do anything to get back…aka chew through your patch job.

  8. If you’re using the old fashioned snap traps and they’re not working, try springing them a couple of times and then setting them out. We had a rat get in once when I was a kid, and it’d lick all the peanut butter off the trap scott-free, until the day after I accidentally stepped on it.

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