Great American Boycott Live Photo Blogging : Part 1


It’s that time of year again, time for a large protest down Broadway in Downtown Los Angeles. I walked down to the gathering point for the march on Olympic and Broadway around 8am this morning. There were only a few hundred people gathered there, but the march doesn’t start until 10. The placards and handbills are ready! Updates coming soon on here, flickr and

Nexxo Placards Handbills

8 thoughts on “Great American Boycott Live Photo Blogging : Part 1”

  1. Oddly, the construction team next door is working today. They’ve been building this 16 condo unit building for well over a year (god I hate it) and none of them showed up last year. I wonder if this will not be the size of the event they expect it to be this time…

  2. RE: illegal Aliens demanding citizenship….People in hell are said to demand icewater, so ?

    In an AOL poll taken today, 75% of all Americans said NO to the ? “Should illegal aliens be given citizenship.” I don’t think illegal aliens ought to get too far ahead of themselves. The US is a portantolerant nation, to a point, but when people demandy things of us… usually doesn’t go very well for those who are doing the demanding, does it. AND our history with Mexico, doesn’t show that we’re sorry for anything we’ve done there OR that we’re tolerant of their total corruption and incompetence.

    The leaders and rich of mexico should be ashamed and embarassed, humiliated would be better. I cant imagine how arrogant these rich and aristocratic mexicans stealing from their poor countrymen, can you? AND IT”S ALL MEXICO’s fault. What a shame!

    Their # 1 export is the sweat of their working men, given to a foreign country, where there citizens don’t legally reside and their corruptovernment instead of helping them, encourages them to leave and of course most important to send their cash HOME TO MEXICO, where the rich and arrogant conspire with their corrupt governement to deprive their citizenry of the right to earn a fair living and to raise their families in Mexico.

    I sort of like it when people DEMAND things, because it onl

  3. And I suppose all of these people are legal. Why don’t we just let all of the murderers out of prison and for God sakes pedophiles have been around for over 1000 years! Let them get a piece too. America, you brainwashed zombie, get off your collective asses and show these losers that we were fine before them, will be fine after them, and will actually prosper again after they are shipped off on the first thing smoking. I can push a mower and make a mean burrito. Send em packing. There, a brief moment when you thoought outside the liberal sheeple box. Amazing difference one jerk can make, raining on the pity party like that.

  4. additional thought: Why tf can’t Central/South America flourish on the back of our military like Canada did? There is no need for either of these places to have a sizable military since the USA will kick the chit out of anyone floozying our borders. Oh yeah, Canada has public health care thanks to us, aren’t you a lil pissed ‘merica? They should pay the piper instead of sending us drugs and hookers and drywall installers.

  5. Hey Asshole,

    If you don’t like the people wiping your ass maybe you should stop whining and start demanding that your government stop imposing idiotic economic policies on other nations and stop helping to overthrow their governments.

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