Great American Boycott 2007 Coverage Roundup

Ok, no snarky baseless attacks against fellow bloggers in this roundup, here is what the word is on the interwebs:

  • LA Times woke up and smelled the dynamically updateable web coffee and launched a real time blog on their website, covering all kinds of interesting details about the march… great job guys, keep it up and you may stay in business!
  • I ran in to Ed Fuentes of View From A Loft, who was taking photos of marchers. He chided me for drinking too much at Coachella and missing the headliners, yes it’s true, I suck.
  • Eric Richardson of Blogdowntown has several posts about march related issues, but so far nothing about the actual march. When I talked to him earlier he said he was planning on covering issues relating to businesses and residents and how they have been affected by the march
  • Xeni over at Boinboing posted one of my photos and links to the posts here on blogging.kla
  • LA Times’ Opinion LA Blog has a roundup with some more links to coverage including my photos:

    Dave Bullock, also known as eecue, has photos on and on his personal site, including some nice perspectives of a mass of marchers on Broadway.

  • Ryan Knoll over at LAVoice didn’t see any marchers on his walk from Pershing Square to Metro Center early in the morning, and mentions that he wasn’t actually on the route, but the turnout still seemed light. He was spot on, the march brought out roughly 10% what it pulled last year.
  • Here at, I covered the march with my cameras and posted a few photos on here as well as on eecue and flickr. Sean Bonner posted a dire warning to stay the heck out of Downtown, but I think he was just trying to hoard all the danger falafel to himself.
  • Cindy Mosqueda expresses her survivor guilt for not joining in and boycotting work and school today.

So maybe it was a little bit snarky, but hey, I tried.

3 thoughts on “Great American Boycott 2007 Coverage Roundup”

  1. Actually the turnout was pretty good. I didn’t expect it to be anything like last year but there was at least 30,000 people.It was pretty fun too with lots of music and cheery people.

  2. So what’s next? A march of house burglars? If they have kids, are you going to let them off? No one is against immigration — it’s ILLEGAL immigration that is the problem. If you sneak into Mexico, your ass is going to jail. Period. Same with Canada and England and France and most of the civilized world.

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